Turning Archive 2005

I was talking to Dr. Penner about turning today.

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>I was talking to Dr. Penner about turning this afternoon.
Dr. Penner: "What happened."
"I was cutting turning blanks on the band saw and I tried to cut my wedding ring off. I missed and cut the back of the ring finger. Only nicked the ring."
Dr. Penner, "I hate it when that happens."
"I was cutting up some fresh silktree I got last Friday. I hope there are no slugs in the wound."
Dr. Penner, "After we deaden the finger we will look for slugs. You will feel some stinging as I inject the Novocaine."
"Congratulations Dr., you just made the finger hurt more than the saw blade did."
Dr. Penner, "Before I started woodworking and turning we cut down a figured bigleaf maple tree and chopped it into firewood. Now I wish I hadn't done that."
"Yeah, I hate it when that happens."

Dave Smith

And I thought cutting my finger was bad in Longview, WA.

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