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Hallo and a question about chucks

>Hallo - this is my first posting here and I was hoping to get some advice.

I have been turning for a while (mostly spindly things and bowls). I have recently wanted to get into turning boxes. So... I think I need a chuck (cant see a good way to use glue blocks for boxes). I have been looking around on the net for one. My main constraint is cost. OTOH, I dont want to buy something that I will not use. The options I see are:

1) Nova Midi (available at Packard) for about $120, they dont seem to sell inserts for this but I can easily get one - but is there some reason why it should NOT be used with an insert. I read (somewhere) that some chuck dont have inserts. Is this an availability thing, or is there a safety reason for this.

2) Grizzly has a 4-jaw scroll chuck for about $90 - looks like a vicmarc knockoff - but no ideas about quality. Can it be used with and insert?

3) Buy a used metal-working 4jaw self centering chuck - not common but findable and try to make/get made jaws for it- affordable but involves a lot of metal work and may turn out pointless at the end of it. How about the metal working jaws that come with it?

I would really appreciate peoples thoughts about this. While a SuperNova or Oneway would be great, I cant afford one now - and I really want to start doing boxes and stuff for which I really need a chuck.


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