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AAW Relief Fund Auction *LINK*

Charles Bjorgen
>I'm passing the following information along as it was sent to me by the Minnesota chapter of the AAW. Complete info including names of the 35 artists can be downloaded from the link below.

The American Association of Woodturners, a 501 c3 charitable organization, has created the AAW Emergency Relief Fund to aid AAW members and chapters affected by disasters. During the recent hurricane Katrina, many AAW members were severely affected some with total losses to their homes and businesses. Binh Pho has invited 35 world-class woodturning artist friends to join him and donate art pieces to be auctioned to help raise money for the AAW Emergency Relief Fund. 100% of all money raised will be used to help the victims and nothing will be taken out for "fund raising" or "administrative costs".

This auction will be on eBay and all pieces can be viewed at or after 7 PM Pacific or 10 PM Eastern on Sunday, November 20, 2005.

To view the auction, go to www.eBay.com . Your cursor will be flashing in a blank search box. In that box, type the words "AAW Relief Fund". The next box to the right says "All categories". Click the "search" button to the right of that and you will see all of the pieces in this charity auction. By clicking on the item title in blue, that particular piece with its description, will be shown. All of the pieces are arranged to end their auctions at different times, 5 minutes apart on three different nights, Monday November 28th, Tuesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th.

You'll need to set up an account with eBay in order to bid.

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