Turning Archive 2005

ornaments *PIC*

John Lucas
>These are the last things I will make before my studio tour this weekend. I will be leaving for Atlanta on Wednesday to do a demo for the Georgia Association of Woodturners. They meet at Highland Hardware in Atlanta if any of you are nearby and want to come by I'd love to meet you.

These ornaments are takeoffs on the 2 part ornament. The first one was cut, veneer added and then recut and more veneer added. The second two I cut using the technique they use to make the long pointed veneer look used in pool cues. I'm still not real happy with the shapes of these. I just don't like the finials and the V shaped rings don't really work I don't think. I'll have to sit down with pen and paper and work on these designs.

The last one is one I played with last year where I hollowed an ornament, turned it sideways and bored holes, then added turned and carved discs. I'm not real happy with the different wood choices on this one but I will work on the concept more after I get back from Atlanta.

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