Turning Archive 2005

NEW Shop Shots!

David Yoho
>Our three newest Shop Shots are up!

I think you'll find this newest group enjoyable. I know I did. From tracing a 1700's heirloom to its earliest owner, to two fellows with a unique partnership turning out spalted beauty, to a woodworker bravely taking on new challenges, these newest shots offer a look at our craft from several perspectives.

A new Shop Shots feature I'm sure you'll find helpful has been added to our Index page. For now, starting with shot 737, the number of each shot has been indicated. As soon as I find some extra time, I'll go back and complete the page. John Jordan's suggestion was one we've heard before and we figured it was time to do something about it. Thanks, John.

Onward and upward...

David Yoho
Editor - Shop Shots

NEW Shop Shots!

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