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Craft Show Feedback *PIC*

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

I just completed my first ever back to back Saturday Craft shows. Last week I was at my first juried show and this weekend I was at the Oakville Trinity United Church Craft Sale.

I will offer some insights as I feel some of you might be interested, Keith touched on a few the other day in his post.

Both shows were very good for me, both in day sales and follow up sales from my cards and web site. My business cards continue to bring in a good amount of interest from last weekís sale and I feel that was important to use as a chance to promote my work.

My daughter Dana was able to come with me on both sales and it proved to be a good time for us both to share, but also for her to see that the work I put into my projects has an appeal to people. I also tried to teach her that itís important to engage and speak with people, itís not about selling something for me as much is itís about meeting interesting people. If they like something on the table I listen to what they like about it or what they enjoy about it, this information can help in the long run.

There were many very interesting conversations and people over those two sales, some with messages that were related to surviving cancer like myself, or veterans or people who were fun to talk with as well. The constant I found was to welcome people and let them know you make everything on the table, invite them to open things, write with your pens, take a card, itís also a great chance to get feed back on what you make and what interests people.

With the table being 8 feet and not a booth, the opportunity to display my work was basic, but it also gave me a chance to see everything going on in front of me.

I also set aside a portion of my table to display and present my Pens For Canadian Peacekeepers project. This is really the main focus for me and many people stopped and opened and read the letters I keep in a binder from the soldiers overseas.

I found something else that was funny, most of my sales at the juried show were from a wide range of people attending the show, while most of my sales at the church were from other vendors.

I enjoy the one day type of show, itís easy to set up and close down, I enjoy the people who come by, itís fun for me to talk with them. I also enjoy speaking with the other vendors, some of them can make your day as well. Dana was a great help, she knows I have a passion for making these items, now she knows that others enjoy them too, a fun thing to share with her.

Take care,

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