Turning Archive 2005

Looking for a new bandsaw

Mike Cunningham
>Does anyone here have the Grizzly 17" heavy duty bandsaw? If so I'd like to hear your opinion and overall impression of the machine. I'm not interested in hearing about the smaller Grizzly bandsaws, I have one of those. The machine that I'm interested in is the Model G0513 17" throat, 12" height, 2 hp. In particular I'm interested in hearing about it's power, is it sufficient for resawing 6"+ stock and how about cutting bowl blanks. How's the fit and finish, diod it require a lot of adjusting and tweaking? Does it continue to require adjustments? I'd alo appreciate hearing from owners of the bigger Rikon and the two Jet 16" bandsaws, the Model 708749 and the 710750. Same questions on those saws.

Thanks very much!
Mike in Cape May

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