Turning Archive 2005

Woodcraft slow speed grinder

Bill Stehman
>I too bought the Woodcraft slow speed grinder and have the wolverine system. I mounted my new grinder to the stand and turned it on and we both rock and rolled around the shop. I tried truing up both wheels and we then did the tango. Called Woodcraft and they fed - ex me two new wheels. After installing them and truing both up we slow danced around the shop. I then took all four wheels to a machinist friend and he threw all four wheels in the trash and laughed at me. Well, it's not the wheels per say but the "soft" plastic inserts for shaft size. You can true and true but never achieve perfection because of these. I ordered two wheels and the balancing system from one-way ... big $$$ but I now have a precision system. One also has to true both sides of the wheels with a flat diamond tool.
If any tool caches while grinding... one must have the tool lower then center.... my $.0002 and experience.
No more dancing around the shop... chuckle... enjoy


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