Turning Archive 2005

Grinder Problem *PIC*

Charlie Anderson
>I just noticed some has posted about the type of problem.

A while back, I was attempting to sharpen a cheap, small roughing gouge.

I have a woodcraft chinese grinder, 1825 rpm, I think. I also have a wolverine system.

I didn't have everything set up properly and when I touched the gouge to the wheel, it caught and was slammed do on the wolverine. (No fingers pinched luckily.) I did cause 'tearout' on the wheel. I've since dressed the tearout smooth, but there's still a problem.

I can't get the wheel true.

I've made sure to put downward pressure on the dresser so it can't move around as it does it's job. When I go to sharpen a tool, it bounces and the wheel ends up looking like the picture.

It seems I may have bent the shaft as there is a bit of left to right wobble in the wheel.

At the moment I can't get the other wheel off the grinder. When I do, I'll switch them and see what happens.

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