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Steve S.
>Hi Folks,
This is my first time posting here. So pleas bare with me and exuse my poor spelling.

I dont know how many of you got the latest E-mail flyer from Rockler, but it had a deal for a Jet pen lathe. Reg. $129 for $69 and $10 more off any purchases over $50. So with shipping it was only $69.98. I just couldnt resist. Its my first lathe, and will be my first attempt at turning anything. My shop is set up mostly for cabinetry and hobbying. TS, planer, BS, DP, MS, DC and the typicle hand and power tools. I have always been curious about turning and this is a good way to find out if its something my wife and I might like to do. By good way, I mean if we suck at it or dont get into it, we are only out $70.

My questions are (finaly) does anyone know where to get any info on the pen lathe? What does it come with? Can I just pull it out of the box and start turning? Is there a web sight where I can get some sort of a tutorial or info on what a person will need to get started? I will probebly get a book of some kind but im pretty isolated where I live and I have a real problem waiting for stuff in the mail. I would like to get some ideas befor the lathe comes, which should be Tue or Wed. Iv seen all sorts of stuff about mandrels and bushings and #2 morse taper mandrels,,,,,, I have no idea what any of that means.

I just cought Wood Turning Techniques on TV and it explained a little about the bushings, but im still pretty in the dark.
Any help would be greatly appriciated. And sorry for the loooonnnnng post.

Steve S in Bullhead City Az.

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