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HELP - stinky wood!!!! *PIC*

David Breth
>Today I grabbed a log about 16" tall and probably 25-30" diameter from a discard pile. Thought at first it was maple, but believe now it is ok. See the pics. There was no bark when I got it. I smelled manure on the wood when I picked it up, but not until it was in the van - a considerable effort, so I took it home.

I figured maybe the thing had been near manure at some point, maybe soaked a little in to the wood, I dunno, but thought it would clear up once I cut bowl blanks out of it. Wrong. Still smells.

Question is - I know there is some wood that has a urine smell when cut, any small chance there is some wood that has a nice cow poop odor to it when cut? I'm stunned that this smell has carried so deep into the wood - I really cut into this thing to try to get past any embedded stinkies. Any experiences like this? Any chance this stink will dissipate? It isn't like you pick it up and get knocked over, but the scent de jour is clearly present.

Probably a dumb question, but after the effort I put into this thing, I'm willing to grasp at straws.

Thanks -

David B.

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