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blanks for vases

George Fitzpatrick
>Being new to turning, I have more a lot of questions. Found this site and have been "lurking" for several months and got a lot of good info. Time for me to jump in the fray....
I have done some small plates, boxes and a lot of bud vases, mostly out of douglas fir. Grabbed a 4"x4"x8' piece and cut small into 6"-8" sections and started turning. Found out I like making bud vases. My question is, how do I cut a blank from a piece of wood so that when I turn the vase I do not have the pith runing through the middle. On the doug fir it was no problem as it was dry as a bone. But I have some nice pieces of maple freshly cut, about 6-7 inches in diameter. What's the best way to make a vase out of something this size without having it crack?
Sorry for such a long post...

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