Turning Archive 2005

Anchorseal questions

JKJ in East TN
>I'm looking for source for Anchorseal (or equiv.) in a large container. I've been buying it a gallon at a time from Woodcraft but it's too expensive for treating logs. Google tells me Anchorseal is available from UC Coatings, Log Home Store, Weekes Forest Products, and other places. Before I start calling, has anyone have experience with these companies?

I see that Steven Russell in an article here on WC mentions another product called Mobil-Cer M. However, I can't find a source. Is this still available? I found a lot of discussion about it from Austrailia and NZ.

I found a reference on the Forestry Forum about another product from ACI (Associated Chemists, Inc.) which was supposed to be about 1/2 the cost of Anchorseal. This reference was about a year old. Has anyone tried this or know anything about it?

Are there any disadvantages to the Anchorseal forumulated with antifreeze? (I'd like to store the drum in the barn rather than in the garage.)

I read where one guy was diluting Anchorseal with 50% water and said it still works OK but dries a little faster. Anyone try that?


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