Turning Archive 2005

New to turning may buy a lathe

>I bought a very poor lathe (harbor freight I think) from a guy at work a year ago for cheap ($50 lost...). Went out and bought a set of tools from woodcraft and turned an 8" piece of walnut into a small cylinder and discovered 2 things: 1. the guys on TV make it look too easy and 2. that lathe is junk. The drive head flexes so bad that I couldn't really get it securely fixed in with the tail. Also every time I put a tool to the piece the head would noticable move..., haven't used it since. anyways..

I found a Nova 3000 with a Leason variable speed motor for sale in the paper for $800 (says never used.) Any thoughts on this lathe/price? That's definately at the top of my price range right now considering I've turn 1 scrap piece of wood and I'm not a natural... I hope to turn legs for furniture and maybe some vessels down the road if I can learn how to do it...

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