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Anniversary captive ring goblet - my 1st *PIC*

David Breth
>On Friday my wife and I will celebrate 5 years of my being held captive, so I thought I would turn a captive ring goblet - my first, as a gift for ourselves. This is one of those ones where you don't want to blast it off the lathe because your wife will read something into that. Great care was taken. I definitely made some mistakes with this - there is some minor tear out in the bottom of the cup (I struggle with that in endgrain cups/boxes), and there are some tool marks on the rings that are effectively un-fixable once you cut the rings loose - I knew it was going to happen when I did it, but I was so intent on learning how to cut the rings I kind of ignored it. I also learned a little something about flexing, as the stem started to come apart on me, and I ended up using a suggestion from this site to fill the gaps with ca and charcoal. So, it is far from perfect, but I'm really happy with the way it turned out. The wood is cherry, and I finished it with Minwax Antique Oil Finish - 6 coats but I may have lost count. Don't know how well the picture will look, but the finish really does pop out at you.

The biggest things I was looking for were overall shape/proportion, especially with the stem so it wouldn't look like a tree trunk, a good finish, and captive rings that weren't so big they fell off the bottom, and rings that were a pretty good matched set size-wise. On those counts, I'm pretty happy.

My happiness aside, I'm very interested in your comments and criticisms - that's how you learn - so please fire away.

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Anniversary captive ring goblet - my 1st *PIC*
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nice work!
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