Turning Archive 2005

vacuum pump

John Lucas
>I'm getting ready to redue all the wiring and hose to my vacuum pump. I have several questions. I used the clear vinyl tubing the first time. It worked fine for a year or so but is now starting to collapse when in use. I though I would look for some vacuum hose from the automotive store. Is that what you all use.

My second question is where do you store yours. My lathe sits out in the middle of the garage more or less so I can't really put it on the wall without running long vacuum hoses and long wires for the switch. I have a short bed extension for my Powermatic which I put on the headstock end and thought that I might mount it below that on some sort of platform. I also use it on my mini lathe occasionally so i though about making a mobile base for it to sit on. It would sit below this extension. I could build a small rolling cabinet and store my vacuum chucks in there as well as holding the motor. In fact I could put a fan and filters in the cabinet to keep the motor cool and clean.

OK now that I've thought this through and answered my own questions I'm still interested in what you all do.

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