Turning Archive 2005

Grizzly Scroll Chuck - New Purchase

Gary Ratajczak
>I had the opportunity to visit the Grizzly store in PA this week as I was passing through. After looking at the Grizzly (Vicmarc copy) four jaw chuck I decided to give one a try. I have no experience with any other chucks, so actual comparison is difficult. I'll be using on a Jet mini. Out of the box, fit and finish looks pretty good for an import. There is a little slop in the jaws, but everything comes together when tightened. I'm going to take a few measurements and pick up a new allen wrench from Reid tool - the supplied wrenches seem a little loose fit for my taste. For $89.00, I thought it was high enough quality to get me started. By the way, they had 44 units in stock for those ready to give one a try. I also picked up the 1" pin jaws for $17.00. Once I get things mounted on the lathe, and run a few pieces, I'll post some pics so everyone can get a closer look.

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