Turning Archive 2005

Faceplate Stuck on the Headstock

Ryan Dicker in Renfrew, Ontario

I'm in a little bit of a jam here with my lathe. Literally.

My faceplate, which has a bowl mounted to it, seems to have become stuck on the threads of the headstock. I've had a hard time to get it off before, but it seems that this time it is just absolutly jammed on. I've tried using a monkey wrench on the faceplate with the knockout bar levered against the bed. That didn't seem to work. At this point I could care less about the relatively clear piece of box elder that is mounted on there, I just want it off.

I have a General Maxi 25-100 with the standard 3" faceplate mounted on. All 4 screw holes are in use.

I am afraid of putting too much torque on the bearings and spindle but it seems that this thing just won't come off.

If you have any suggestions, I would certainly appreciate your input.



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