Turning Archive 2005

WC Turning Exchange Update

David Propst
>So far 36 folks are participating, see the list below! This is going to be fun. I'll update again next week.


  • The deadline to play is Nov 30

  • The target recieve date will be the week of Jan 15-21. Plan your mailing accordingly!

  • All turnings are welcome, from hollowforms, bowls, stoppers, pens, etc.

  • This is an exchange of turnings between friends, not an exchange of comparative value items or a contest.

  • To sign up, please e-mail me at depropst@gmail.com. Please include your full name and address.

Richard Allen
Chris Andrew
Mike Andriacco
Matt Birchfield
Lan Brady
Spencer Cone
Dennis Daudelin
Ken DeMarco
Wally Dickerman
Earl Erye
Russ Fairfield
Scott Greaves
Bob Hackett
Chris K in MD
Ed Karch
Mark Kauder
Pete Kekel
Ed Kelle
Chris Kuehn
John Lucas
Doug Miller
Ed Moore
Dave Peebles
David Propst
Terry Quiram
Mac Ray
Jim Shaver
Jennifer Shirley
Dave Smith
Bert Smith
Colin Spencer
Studio E
Jeff Theil
Carole Valentine

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