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Short report on NC symposium

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>Hi all,
Got back about midnite from the NC show. Had a flat tire coming in the driveway, so I can't stay long. Got to go put on the spare so I can go to work.

In my opinion, it was an excellent symposium. They had an attendance of around 175, although they were hoping for more. I heard a lot of good comments about the presenters, including our own Mark Kauder.

I talked to a lot of guys who knew me and who I knew through WC. This forum is like an introduction filter. It gets all the self-conciousness and awkwardness of a first meeting out of the way, so that it's like you've known each other for awhile when you finally meet face-to-face. Quite remarkable, it seems to me.

One of the most unique things that I saw this weekend was a denim Christmas tree ornament by Lan Brady, who is one of the WC family. He takes denim scraps, laminates them with epoxy and turns the resultant block. To me it was just an ingenious way to create a new turning material. Looked neat, too.

I got to spend a few minutes at his home with Gary from Zirconia. I picked up a 1.5 HP motor for my bandsaw (Yippee!) I had no idea that he was my friend Gary Bills, who I've met at the GA symposiums for the past few years.

Lest I forget, a big public thanks to David Propst and his family for their hospitality on Friday night. I'm planning on living to be at least 80 so that I can marry his little daughter, Gabriella. She is a beautiful princess.

Another special thanks to my favorite WC friend, Ruth Niles. She drove all the way down from NE PA to share my booth. We had a great time together. Looks like we are going to do FL together with the possibility of AZ, also.

I said I was going to make this short, but that's hard to do when you are recounting such a wonderful experience.

Bert, thanks for the sycamore one more time.
Gary Evans
Talasi Hardwoods

P.S.: I even sold a little wood while I was there. 8^]

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