Turning Archive 2005

Book Review

John Lucas
>I bought the book All Screwed Up by John Berkeley. It is book on making turned wooden puzzles using screw threads. It's an intersting book with some positives and negatives. The instructions for hand chasing threads are not good but then he does explain that there are other souces to learn this technique. The instruction on what the puzzles are is not very clear either. You have to look at the drawings and read the solution to figure out what it's supposed to do. All in all it's a puzzle to figure out the puzzle. However if you want to turn things this difficult you are obviously the kind that looks at solving a turning problem as fun so this might be interesting. It is not a book about learning to turn hand chased threads which is what I thought when I bought it. It is intersting and when I get my thread chasing down I will turn a few of these projects.

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