Turning Archive 2005

Craft Show report w/pics *PIC*

Ken DeMarco
>Today was a first for me, I took place in a craft fair.It was held at a local fitness center, salon. Going into it I was nervous that I would not sell enough to cover my entrance fee, but before the doors even opened I was able to cover that and then some with sales to other vendors. By the end of the day i had sold half of my bowls, most of my pens, but only one Christmas ornaments. Strangely I was almost upset at selling some of the bowls, the first ones to go were some of my favorites. The quickest, best sellers were pens with satin silver hardware and small bowls (3" to 5") priced under $50, with several people wanting pens and bowls that matched! Next time I hope to be better prepared with a nicer looking table cover, and bags or boxes for sold items. All in all, a good Day
Ken DeMarco

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