Turning Archive 2005

Jet Mini suggestion

Ed Moore
>While doing a demo for a small gallery where my wife (weaver) and I have some items on consignment today, my Jet Mini started acting up. I quickly figured out that the noise was coming from the motor and it looked like it could be the fan. As it turned out, the set screw on the fan had loosened and at some point it came out. I made a quick trip home with the lathe, removed the motor, opened up the shield on the end and the screw dropped out. It was simple to replace and the problem was solved. I think the set screw required either a 7/64" or 1/8" Allen wrench.

I would encourage any owner of a Jet Mini to take a moment and make sure that the set screw is tight on the fan. I think the screw is accessible with a traditional Allen wrench (ell-shaped). If not, the removal of the motor and the shield is quite simple.

As for the demo, I turned 16 garden mushrooms out of sappy osage orange and one ornament icicle from red oak. I gave the latter to a young man who was fascinated by the process.

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