Turning Archive 2005

Questions for Barbara Gill & others

Barry Irby
>Barbara, I have finally acquired a lifetime supply of walnut (4000 BF) only to discover that I am mildly allergic to it. (I think) When I sand it or turn it on the lathe, I get the sniffles and some blood. Not really a nose bleed, just a little blood. When I let some of stay under my watch for an hour or two, I got an inflammation. Sounds like an allergy, Right? I don't know if it is walnut only or just dust, or maybe I am getting more sensitive as I get older.

Anyway, I noticed your posts on your masks. You said you have a North 7700. Is that All I need to know? Is there a size? Are there different types of filters? Which ones should I get? Where do you get them? How long do the filters last? Hours? Days? Months? Can you clean them? Blow the out? How much do they cost? Do you find them hard to breath through? Seems that would be one advantage to a powered unit.

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