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Vendor experience - the good kind!

>Today I placed an order out of the Woodturners Catalog (Craft Supplies, USA), www.woodturnerscatalog.com. All I bought were two cheapee items, totaling $4.84 and weighing it at a massive .19 pounds. Shipping cost for UPS ground was $7.83. I figured that was the cheapest method, even though they are up front on their website saying that the UPS ground rate may include handling charges of their own. I said ok, and paid my $12 and change. Then I wrote an e-mail to their customer service department, and told them that $7.83 for .19 pounds is a bit ridiculous.

My wife just got a phone call. She said my girlfriend Amber called from Craft Supplies, and suggested that we use priority shipping instead, becaue they would charge me $3.85 or whatever it is, reducing my cost from $12 to $8. I agree with my wife. Amber is now my official girlfriend.

Conclusion - if I hadn't spoken up, etc. But, a company took the time on a stinking $5 order to respond to my e-mail, find an alternate shipping method, call me to help, and took care of business. I heartily approve, and decided I would give them their due with a message here. And I have a new girlfriend of whom my wife seems to approve, even though only my wife has spoken with her so far. Don't know what your experiences have been with Craft Supplies, but I'm quite pleased and would have no problem ordering again.

I just wish I wasn't such a harmless old man. If I gave my wife any less concern, she'd have no predator instinct left at all.

David B.

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Vendor experience - the good kind!
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