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Which Stihl chain saw?

Walter Ahlgrim
>I am looking at Stihl chain saws I want something that could pull a 20 inch bar but most of the time will run 16 or 18

The 290 I see as a grand old tank strong time tested design. Seem a little to heavy. Starter cord feels vary stiff to me.

My dealer doesn’t stock 280s. On paper this seems like the right saw? Decompression valve looks like a good idea.

280CQS has few added features one is Quickstop. If you let go with your right hand the brake stops the chain. Do you think this is a recipe for worn clutch? Or is it a must have feature. The other is “Quick chain adjuster” a tool less chain adjuster. Is this a bunch cute see little parts that are bound brake or a great feature saving all that time I spend looking for the wrench every time I need to change or adjust the chain.

260 look like a great saw but it’s a pro saw so it’s more money for less power and 1/4 the warranty.

Should I just buy the most popular 290 or the 280 that is 1.4 pounds lighter and only give up .15 hp?

Are the CQS features worth the extra cost and weight?

Anyone have a CQS saw? Do you like the features?

Which Stihl have you bought lately?

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