Turning Archive 2005

Checking in and a gloat

Bert Workman
>I mostly lurk here but it isn't because I don't love this board. In fact this is my home page on the old browser so I check things out every day.

I am in the middle of a relocation from Utah to Alabama so I haven't seen any shop time for more than 5 weeks now and I can tell I need some. The down side of the relocation is that I was forced to part with my big old Oliver lathe as well as my Jet 12-36. Both have gone to good homes with buddies so they will be loved and well used.

My wife has been concerned about the loss because she recognizes the threaputic value of making saw dust. Last night she sent me down to the local Woodcraft here in AL and made me order the Jet 16-42 before the sale ended. Yahoo! I love that woman. Now we just need to find a house to put it in and I'll be set.

I understand the DC motor is a great thing to have and that a whole new world of possibilites will open up to me with the ultra slow speeds that will be available. Does anybody have any comment on that?

Thanks for letting me share the news,


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