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Good deal on Woodcraft Magazine *LINK*

Craig Daymon
>I got one free copy of this magazine and it looked pretty good...except for the price. I just didn't see it being worth the asking price (which, at the time I think was more than the current $19.95 per year). Besides, I thought most of the interview articles tended to do too much a## kissing and not enough of providing real information or valuable questions. (Personal opinion.)

But, overall, I think it is a good magazine.

Well, I happen to have signed up with magazinevalues and they are offering Woodcraft Magazine for $4.97 per year with a max of 3 years. At that price, I will be subscribing.

Signing up obligates you to nothing and if I get one stray e-mail from them every 3 months, it's probably a lot. So no serious harrassment.

The link to Magazine Values is below for anyone interested.


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Good deal on Woodcraft Magazine *LINK*
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