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Tools for Roughing Bowl Blanks *LINK*

Ryan Dicker in Renfrew, Ontario

Im Ryan from Renfrew, Ontario. I'm 16 and just bought my first lathe about a year ago and would like to get into some bowl turning. I wouldn't consider myself to be new to turning, but maybe just inexperienced with the bowl turning aspect, so bear with me.

I had been preparing a list of things to pick up at the upcoming Ottawa Wood Show and was viewing the Henry Taylor roughing gouges from Lee Valley. It states that they are not to be used for bowl turing. So do they mean that they can't be used for bowl turning what so ever or that they should not be used for the inside part of the bowl and can be used to rough the outside?

I included the link to the Lee Valley website where the gouges are listed.

Thanks in advance,


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