Turning Archive 2005

Anyone in the Denver area??

KurtK in Indy
>I'm at a trade show in denver and wonder if there are any turners in the area. In particular, I would like to hook up and see if I could borrow a couple bowls that you have turned that I could put in my trade booth for a couple days. i am exhibiting at the national hardwood lumber dealers national convention. The last time I was at one of these, I had a couple bowls and a stump with a burl on it and it got alot of attention. So much so that many of the logger guys said that they ran across a lot of the burls and just pitch them....I told them "not anymore..".

Please respond ASAP...I'm staying at the downtown Adam's Mark and the show is here also.

Thanks for any response. the show runs tomorrow thru thursday.


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