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Versachuck update *PIC*

Colin Spencer
>Sorry to those who were waiting for this I have had some problems that have prevented me from posting this.

The chuck arrived well packaged and complete. It included a 'Robert Sorby' adaptor for my lathe (Nova DVR). This was not drilled and tapped for a locking grub screw (it is now). The wooden box was poor quality but who cares it is the chuck that we are interested in. The chuck looks very similar to the Axminster precision chuck.

The back plate mounted to the chuck with 3 large socket head screws and there is a supplied allen key as it is metric. The Axminster jaw carriers are fitted as standard as are a set of C jaws. In two separate boxes within the main wooden box there are the Oneway and Nova jaw carriers. There are two spare jaw set screws supplied and a suitable allen key for them. The chuck is not plated and is heavily coated in oil, so it does need a clean up before use. The chuck key is in two pieces and so the cross bar has to be attached and held in place with a grub screw. The chuck itself is a large beast and so should only IMHO be used on a larger lathe not a mini lathe. It is well balanced with no noticable run-out. It was a little stiff in operation to begin with and so a little touch up with some emery paper and a smooth file soon sorted it, not really necessary but it does make it easier to use.

Am I pleased with it? Yes. Was it good value for money? Yes. Would I buy it again? Yes.

The only gripes I have are minor: It does not accept Axminster jaw carriers (as I have some already fitted to some of my jaws this would have been useful) only to be expected really but I had hoped. The jaws and jaw carriers are numbered on the sides rather than on the top or the end like my Axminster chucks so it is not as easy to change them and get them in the right order. It does not have indexing as shown in the photo on the manual but this is not a problem for me but may be for others.

The chuck is individually numbered and mine is number 524, I don't know where the numbering started but it certainly shows that several have been sold.

I don't have any Oneway or Nova jaws so I have been unable to try the alternative carriers and so can't report on the compatability but if the Axminster set is anything to go by it should be fine.

One photo is attached to this message. I will post some others on my website this week and update this thread when they are available.

I hope this helps some of you who were considering this chuck. Any questions please ask.

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