Turning Archive 2005

2 part ornaments

John Lucas
>Here are attempts at the 2 part ornaments. I learned these from Larry Hasiak and Bobby Clemons. They are stacked in the order I made them. The first one I left unfinished because I didn't leave enough room to turn the top and screwed it up. I also didn't like the shape.
I turned the next one out of a really green elm limb to see what would happen. It did check very slightly in the thicker part of the bottom which isn't hollow. This is a worse case scenario being green and with the heart in. I believe if you leave the heart out and hollow out the ball portion pretty good you will probably be OK. Bobby Clemons cuts up the scrap left over from cutting bowl blanks and lets them season a few months in the shop. Then he cuts the checks off the ends and turns them.
The rest were turned from wood that's been in my shop for about a year. It's still green but pretty seasoned. The walnut pieces were from a log that has been down a year. It is too checked for bowls but worked great for this. I like carving the little tail on the bottom. The last one on the right has a curly cue kind of tail. I think I'm going to do one that has more curl.

These are fast to turn. I'm a little slow at them because I'm new to this style but I was able to turn them in about 20 minutes or so minus the carving time on the walnut ones.

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