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Info on Trend Airshield

Dawn Adams
>It is rare to find great service from companies in this day and age, but I'm happy to tell you about a gentleman who still knows how to conduct business.

I purchased a Trend Airshield about a year ago. A few weeks ago I posted my experiences with this product in response to another post. The next day, I received an e-mail from someone who asked me if my faceshield had developed small cracks. It actually had - and she and I decided to investigate further to see if this was normal or a defect. Since I could not remember who I purchased mine from, I called the company directly. The gentleman's name is Phil Evans. He was not home, but promptly returned my call and told me that the cracks were a defect, and if I could not remember who I purchased it from, he would replace my shield at no charge. The phone call was even pleasant. I had a wonderful conversation (another lost art in this day and age). Within a few days, I received my new shield with a PERSONAL letter. What a great company! If any of you are in the market for a faceshield/air filter, I highly recommend you purchase a Trend from Phil Evans - P & R Distributing, 1(877) 879 - 2796, www.trendairshield.com.

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