Turning Archive 2005

Dust Protection Question- Long *LINK*

Barbara Gill, Remlik VA
>I have been wearing a North 7700 Series Half Mask Respirator in the sawmill for over 18 years. It fits very well and the filters have 99.97% minimum efficiency. I also have and sometimes wear the same in the shop. My face shield for turning can be worn when wearing the respirator.

I got the notion that I needed a better system (i.e. forced air) but because of arthritis in my cervical vertebra I am unable to handle the weight (Triton- 2 lbs). There are some lighter weight options however I started thinking why do I want to encumber myself like that when the North is doing a good job.

So, my question to everyone who has an educated opinion is - do the forced air respirators have any advantages over the North for those of us who do not have a beard?

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