Turning Archive 2005

Wooden Lanterns

Thomas Skaggs, Foothills of Mount Level
>A while back I posted a question about heat with regards to a lantern design I was working on. Here is the design and one of the lanterns. I made 4 of them, all identical.

The lanterns are about 16.5" tall. They are cherry, and curly maple with birdseye maple shades. They have a 25 watt candle style bulb inside. The dome is lathe turned. Frankly I'm not excited about how the domes look. I like the rest of the lanterns but the tops don't do it for me. They kind of look like helmets or something. Oh well. Next time I'll do something different...if there is a next time. None the less, all 4 lanterns sold after being in the gallery for ONE DAY! I was surprised.

This is one of the lanterns lit. They really do give a neat light. The birdseyes really light up. Pretty cool. Anyway, some here seemed curious so I thought I'd share.


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