Turning Archive 2005


Keith Tompkins
>At the recent Totally Turning Symposium, I was struck by the quality of several of the turnings in the instant gallery, and especially noticed how some turner's styles have evolved or changed.

I have known some of these turners for several years, and talked at length about the new direction their work has taken. All of them stated....they could not have predicted, even a short time ago, how much their work would change.

How has YOUR work changed? What influences do you think affected your work? What has made the biggest improvement in your work? Whose work has influenced you? What direction would you like to see your work take?

This post is the result from several people responding to my "Molly's Signature" posts, where I stated that emulating other's styles or techniques may inhibit finding your own signature style. (Thanks for giving me a different perspective on the subject.)

Any comments?

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