Turning Archive 2005

More on the bandsaw wars

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>Hi all,

I am in the process of putting an old Delta 14" bandsaw back in service. I have made a 6" riser block, bought my long bolt and a couple more dowel pins and ordered a couple of 1/4" 4 tooth 105" blades from McMaster-Carr. ($10.98 ea.) I think the tires will do O.K. for now. They are not as hard as I originally thought. I'm not sure why the original owner thought that they needed to be replaced. Anyway, I am now looking for a suitable motor.

Today I found a used 1 HP GE motor. It's rated continuous duty. It starts and runs good, but sounds like it has a little bearing noise. I can get it for $60. Should I buy now or hold out for a 1 1/2 HP, if I can find one? I am going to primarily be using it to cut turning blanks from wet wood.


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