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School days *PIC*

Jim King
>Yesterday we had a visit from a group of about 40 students from the local University here in Iquitos. This photo is of a few of them that were more interested in the turning shop than the production shop, there will probably be a few wood turners sprout from this group. The group were all forestry students and have been studying the traditional 10 or 12 species produced here. Very interesting that the kids are all from here and about to graduate and have never seen truly exotic species such as we work with. The person with the white cap is the professor and works with the Missouri Botanical Gardens at times and works with us also for wood ID. Believe it or not the shop was clean in the morning. All in all the day was an eye opener for the local kids who live here and had no idea what species are available and what can be done with them.

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School days *PIC*
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