Turning Archive 2005

Photo question

>Hi all. It's been a long time since I posted any pics because I have yet to set up my photo booth after our move from AK 3 years ago. I was thinking it is about time. I have a typical box with cloth diffusion, and invested in a couple of photo floods when I made it several years ago. At the time, I took both digital and slide photos of my work. I have yet to enter a juried craft show, but anticipate doing so. I had previously purchased some special floods (I think they were 300K) bulbs to get correct color with slide film. These bulbs were lost in the move and I am now wondering which bulbs to get. If the majority of submissions for craft shows is still slides, then the choice seems to be the same. If not, which bulbs would provide the best lighting for digital photos. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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