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Speaking of Wands...

Mike in Fort Walton Beach, FL
>Well, I've decided to focus my learning on wands (and by extension, spindles) for the time being given the soon to be released movie. I'm not overly impressed with my early efforts after the work I have seen here but I did get an order for one after the guy saw a wand I made for a fellow woodworker who gave me a lot of practice stock. So now I have my time down to one to one and a half hours per wand (I know, I'll be in the shop forever if I don't pick up the pace a bit) and am wondering how I would go about presenting the idea to a large local theater of having me out there doing a demo on wands and trying to sell some at the same time. I should also mention that the theater is a large complex but it is part of a much larger shopping plaza and they only lease the property as far as I know. Anyone know how I might go about this and who to ask? Also, should I renew my business license, charge sales tax, etc...? I would appreciate any info or war stories that might relate.
Thank you,
Mike in Fort Walton Beach, FL (now Navarre, FL and I keep forgetting to update my profile)

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