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Just Returned from OVWG Turning 2005 *LINK*

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>I got back last night at about 8:30 (8+ hour drive each direction, 605 miles door to door) from a really nice Symposium - The Ohio Vally Woodturners Guild Turning 2005. The featured demonstrators were a Who's Who of turning - Jimmy Clewes, J. Paul Fennell, John Jordan, Ray Key, Richard Raffan, Chris Ramsey, Chris Stott, as well as many Guest demonstrators including Lyle Jamieson, fellow WC member Jamie Donaldson, and your humble correspondent - Me.

The symposium was held on a church retreat center that included dormatories, and a dining facility that served all 240+ participants three good, hearty meals a day, as well as cookies for morning and afternoon stacks (cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning). I parked my car on Thursday afternoon when I got there, and did not have to move it until noon Sunday when I left.

I got to see many On-Line friends like Al Crandle, Jamie Donaldson, Ruth Niles, and many more too numerous to mention, lest I forget someone.

There were 6 classes per rotation. Each day, Friday morning though Noon Sunday, there were 6 seventy-five minute demos first thing in the morning and last sessions of the afternoon. These were conducted by the guest demonstrators. Between those, were 2 two and a half hour demonstrations (Seperated by a 90 minute lunch break) conducted by the Featured demonstrators. Those long demonstrations allowed the demonstrators to get much deeper into their subject matter than shorter rotations an many symposia.

The symposium was limited in the number of people allowed to register, so the demos were kept small enough (about 50 people) to be able to see and hear.

Some of the rotations were not as popular as others - namely the slide shows that many of the Featured demonstrators did for one rotation. But as a result, for instance, I was able to set in a room and watch a show and explaination by Richard Raffen of his work, with just 5 other guys. Really a good chance to talk to a master turner.

I was given the last time slot (75 minutes) on Friday afternoon for my demonstration. I got that slot because I told them that there was no way I could present my demo on Segmented Turning and Finishing in that time. I have never done it in less than 2 hours. So with this time slot I could run long. I did run long, I took at least 2 hours (slides and speaking, no real demonstration) and I was very gratified to have about 60 people stay for the whole thing.

Though it was nice to finally see the likes of Ray Key, Richard Raffen and Chris Stott - I was blown away by the demos I saw by Jimmy Clewes. His is right up there with Stuart Batty, in my opinion, for the quality of his demos. Fun, exciting (turning a square bowl/box at 3300rpm). He really knows how to explain what he is doing, how it is done, and why he does it that way.

One of the real highlights for me was at the auction Saturday night, where they were auctioning donated items for their educational fund, and for Katrina relief. First off, I got there late, and it turned out I have been drawn in the Raffle for a Scholarship for a week at Arrowmont, but you have to be there to win. Oh well....I don't know how I could have gotten away for a week of turning and still kept my wife. ANYWAY, about half way through the auction (it ran almost 3 hours), I saw Ruth Niles off to one side and went over to talk to her. She asked what I was doing, and I told her I thought I would leave. She said that some people were setting over in the vendor area talking and why don't I join them. So I did. Low and behold, there was John Jordan, Chris Stott (later), Ray Key, Richard Raffen, Ruth, J. Paul Fennel, and Kevin from Oneway just setting around shooting the breeze. Everything from Travel, to domoing, to where they were going to go to get a beer. Really great to see another side of these guys.

ANYWAY, it was a good weekend (sold two bowls that I had in the instant gallery), though tiring.

This symposium is held every two years. You should consider it.


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