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Delta 1440 HS questions

Ryan McMullen
>Hey all, I figured with the great knowledge here someone may be able to help me so I don't have to try to call the people at Delta.

I just picked up a Delta 1440 lathe this weekend. I knew that it had been well used and got it for $200, figured at that price I could afford to put some money in it if needed. Well it looks like I need to.

When I was cleaning it up I found part of a washer or retaining ring (don't know which one) in the HS area. I did notice that the handwheel side of the spindle has some play in it (which is why I think at high speeds there is a small amount of vibration). Now it does not appear to move the working side of the spindle when then handwheel is moved. I'm thinking that the broken washer/retaingin ring is allowing some play on the reeves pulley side of the HS assembly.

Here's my question. For about $50.00 in parts, I can get all new bearings, washers and retaining rings from Delta. Should I just go ahead and replace all these parts, or just try to find the missing part and replace it. I have no idea if there is damage already done due to the play from the missing part. Hopefully this week and can disassemble the HS spindle and find out what the broken part actually is.

Also I think this vibration has caused some excess wear on the belt so that will be replaced as well.

Thanks for any help.


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