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Secret Santa

Ernie Miller
>Here is the list if you sent me an e-mail and you are not on it please let me know ASAP as it will be taken to e-mail as soon as I get the e-mail group set up.
Looks like a good bunch of players this year. It will be fun!
Andy Lincoln
Barbara Gill
Bledsoe, George
Bob Hackett
Brad McDonald
Brian Dzukola
Carole Valentine
Dave Smith
David Propst
David Sophusson
Eddie Severt
Ellis Walentine
Ernest Williams
Ernie Miller
Francois Desaulniers
Frank C. Joseph
Frank Mutchler
Gary Stamper
Greg Earley
HC Sakman
Jack Guzman
Jay Kilpatrick
Jennifer Shirley
Joanne Adler
Jorge Castaneda
Lee Schierer
Lester Gillett
Mike Guenther
Molly Winton
Pam Niedermayer
Pat Riley
Paul Porter
Raymond W. Carson, Jr.
Richard Allen
Robert Victor
Roger Myers
Scott Greaves
Shaver, Jim
Spencer Cone
Steve Knight
Steve kubien
Ted Owen
Tom Cooney
Tom Mullane
Tony Reynolds
William R. Duffield

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Secret Santa
Mike Guenther?
found it *NM*
Did you get my email? *NM*
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