Turning Archive 2005

A REALLY dumb question!

Keith Tompkins
>Some woods, such as walnut or butternut are notorious for torn wood fibers on the exterior surface of bowl forms. As strange as this seems the best cure I have come up with is cutting from the rim to the base with a truly sharp spindle or detail gouge, skewing across the grain with tool rolled into the cut. This is dangerously close to the point where the tool will be pulled in to a huge catch.

Yes, I know it's the wrong direction, and I can't explain why it works. I have looked to see if this is a technique anyone has posted or written about, but have found nothing on the subject.

The result is dramatic, little or no torn grain fibers. The question is has anyone else tried this, and did it work for you? Why, since theoretically it should really lift the fibers as the cut is made?

I have tried this time after time, always seems to work...I hesitate to post this because of the responses it may generate..."You should really learn how to turn, etc." Yet the finish cutting from rim to foot is better than from foot to rim.......

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