Turning Archive 2005

Hello from Arrowmont

David Propst
>Carrying on the tradition of Jen and others I wanted to say hi from Arrowmont. I'm here this weekend at Ellsworth's "Master Class Weekend" here. It has been awesome, but to keep me humble I'm still blowing things up! The focus is on form, design, movement, etc. David is as amazing as a historian and commentator on our craft as he is a turner. Thsi is my first trip here and Arrowmont is just a wonderful place.

I watched him from about four feet away use my blunt grind gouge to finish the inside of a cherry bowl last night. There were no tool marks on the outside or inside. It is incredible to watch him work. For some reason the gouge would not leave quite as smooth a finish for me...

I'll post more about the weekend after I get home.


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