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PM 3520 Vibration Problem

George Van in WI
>Has anyone had problems with vibration/wobbling, after adding the weight box to their 3520? I had the lathe move on the floor before adding the weight with anything other than a perfectly balanced blank. I added the box and raised the lathe on 4x4’s with trestle connecting the two as Dominic had shown. My lathe now is stationary but the vibration and wobble are still present. Even a 15” maple rough that was trued but has spalt heavier thus denser on one side will at 450 rpm cause the light to fall off the lathe. A 8-10 inch chain sawed rough blank will do the same.

I lowered the lathe so it sat flush on the 4x4, then I adjusted the levelers slightly so the vibration is minimized. If I put a perfectly balanced bowl on I can turn at any speed without wobble and only a slight vibration that I have to concentrate to notice. This holds true with all chucks. The worst movement occurs at 450-550 rpm.

Any ideas will be appreciated!

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