Turning Archive 2005

Cracks in Cherry

Dawn Adams
>I thought I stumbled across a great find about a month ago when I found a distant neighbor finishing off a large cherry tree in his yard. He had already hauled away the small stuff, but the trunk was all mine. For a cherry, I think it was quite large - 16" in diameter. When I got the wood home, I put anchor seal on it. When I had the time to rough turn it, I cut it into bowl blanks, turned it, sealed the endgrain of the bowls with more anchor seal, and then placed each bowl in a paper bag with some of the shavings. Within 2 days, all 3 of the bowl I have turned so far developed very large cracks in the base of the bowl (on the outside only so far). How frustrating. I have read that cherry is prone to cracking, but is there anything I can do to the one remaining chunk of wood when I turn it so it will not develop cracks? Also, any suggestions on what to do with the 3 bowls that already have cracks? Thanks in advance.

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