Turning Archive 2005

Lathe lighting *PIC*

>Here's a pic (I hope) of a recent addition to my lathe, a new light. I have a 3 bulb flood suspended over the lathe, throws a lot of light but bakes my head, particulalry in the summer. I also have a 3 bulb flex neck to the rear of the lathe, throws a lot of light at the base of work but not over the top or near the headstock. Recently I found an articulated light in a neighbor's trash, being a trash picker I grabbed it. In the shop I foudn that it works just fine, I drilled and tapped 4 holes in the headstock of my Vicmarc and mounted it with machine screws. Works great, it's fully adjustable and can put light where I need it and it doesn't fry my brain! I know that various turners have inquired in the past abut lighting so I thought I'd share this.

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