Turning Archive 2005

Bill Grumbine's record remains intact...

Ted Owen, Pittsburgh
>...I'm a little disappointed to say. That guy could stop a freight train.

Bill was over on our side of the state this morning and stopped in for some quality turning time on my new lathe, a VB36. He had not yet tried out a VB, which I bought when the Poolewoods became unavailable.

He said he has never worked on a lathe he could not bog to a stop, but I was guessing he was about to meet his 3-h.p. match. In fact, I would have bet money on it. No such luck--a very unbalanced, slow-turning 23" x 6" piece of walnut teamed up with Bill's turning muscle to humble the mighty VB. It was a sad moment for the home team.

I'm telling ya, this guy could stop a train.

Great to see you again, Bill. And thanks for all your help and guidance, especially the coring demo.

Best, Ted

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