Turning Archive 2005

Necessity is the mother of invention *PIC*

steve antonucci
>I'm not sure who "invented" this, but I give credit to Bill Grumbine for my knowledge of it. It's probably the biggest one of these I've seen, and I made it in about an hour (in between a bunch of other things. One thing I will change is that I will pad the outer "jaw", since it left some marks on my bowl (more $%@&!% sanding!)

The bowl is about 1/2" too large to swing over the bed, so I needed to create a secure chucking method to turn the foot. I used MDF because I had it, but I'd assume plywood is better. There is a smaller plywood circle screwed to the back of the bottom sheet of MDF, since you can't "thread" MDF (tried that first). The hole in the middle threads on to a screw center in my chuck.

It worked pretty well for a few minutes work. I might just make a "permanent one for big bowls.


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